Maguire likes Ronaldo news not satisfie Manchester United

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Maguire likes Ronaldo news, not satisfied with Manchester United’s pay cuts for missing tickets Champions League

Harry Maguire centre-back Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League. Football Football fans have caught in the news. That team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo was angry with the club’s wage cuts. After the team missed out on the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League

quota. An Instagram post for UFABET report on the situation. That Ronaldo was displease. Salary cut with all play Red Devils under conditions. That team can rank up grab ticket play list. This season’s Champions League brings CR7’s pay to £360,000-a-week from their original £480,000-a-week.

Below the news post on Instagram shows accounts of Harry Maguire. Who have liked the news. Amid uncertainties over Ronaldo’s future with Manchester United. The England defender has question over his playing standards and captaincy over the past season

Miss the report to return to pre-season training with the Red Devils 2 days in a row. Where they have a tour program for Thailand to fight with Liverpool at Rajamangala Stadium on Tuesday July 12.

Ronaldo once said that he wants to play at the highest level to reach the age of 40. Becoming the 40 year old. Who wants to soar as high as possible. Before becoming a star of football forever. Which of course even today. Although he said that he quit playing. He is already a legend of the era. alongside Lionel Messi, the “beloved enemy”. Who without the other, is the motivation. They may not have tried to get better until now.