Revealing the fact that Barca owes Frankie de Jong’s

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Revealing the fact that Barca owes Frankie de Jong’s wages to make a contract with Manchester United for a long time

A report from UFABET has revealed. That the crux of Frankie de Jong’s wages. Which he now receives at Barcelona ​​is a key factor in the negotiations between the Azul Grana and the club. Manchester United Football in the Players Market This summer, there is no progress.

The Netherlands midfielder has been one of the Red Devils’ top targets under new manager Erik ten Hag. But after speculation throughout the summer. They have yet to close a deal for the 25-year-old. Year with the Red Devils having just sign left-back. Tyrell Malachia from Feyenoord for the first time in a total value of around 15 million pounds.

Marca pointed out that De Jong was one of the players. Who respond to Barca’s wage cut policy due to the impact of the coronavirus. With the player receiving only €3m per year in wages. The 2020/21 season is follow by €6 million per year for the previous season.

The terms of the deal describe the rate. He will receive from Barcelona for the remainder of his contract. Tied until 2026, of €18 million per year for the next three seasons and €19 million. Euros in the last year of the contract

The details of the contract led to the Dutch midfielder’s demands for partial compensation from Barcelona. ​​Giving the club a reason to press as much as possible from Manchester United in order to compensate the midfielder. this one

According to Fabricio Romano. The two clubs have agreed an initial offer of €65 million. leaving only €20 million (around £55.7+17.1 million) in bonus options.