The formula for walking 4,000+1,000 steps a day makes you healthy. 

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The formula for walking 4,000+1,000 steps a day makes you healthy. and longevity

Walking just 4,000 steps a day can promote good health and strength, and walking an additional 1,000 steps can even increase your longevity. Walking is good for all ages from infancy to the age of 60.

According to the World Health Organization, inadequate exercise It causes 3.2 million deaths per year, making it the fourth most common cause worldwide.

‘Walking’  is one way of exercising that can be easily done. Suitable for all genders and ages and really works by walking the right way. and have that consistency make the body work more efficiently More consistent and make the body so strong that it is astonishing

Honey Fine Personal Trainer and trainer of global fitness company.

Barry’s discusses exercise. And sedentary office workers told the ทางเข้า ufabet that  “Sedentary work can slow the metabolism in the body, cause obesity, affect growth. and muscle strength May cause aches and pains. and reduced immunity Until the origin of various diseases 

Sitting for too long can cause all sorts of back problems. Office workers often encounter this problem. The solution in the beginner exercise is simple. Just by making a sweat out of your daily routine. in order to use energy And burn calories, such as holding groceries, shopping, washing the floor, walking around while talking on the phone. These things all make us more active. which helps us burn calories more efficiently.”

Fine added, “Adding a small amount ofactivity into your regular life May be rewarded with a very good health. because walking can lower blood pressure strengthen muscles to protect bones increase energy level endorphins And it can also help you maintain a healthy weight. This may have to be done in conjunction with a healthy diet. It also improves mental health.”

Tips for ‘walking’ in daily life to beneficial to health

  • Walk to the station instead of taking a bus or car. 
  • Don’t sit at your desk for too long. Set an hourly reminder to get up and walk.
  • if you are pregnant is the best exercise. 
  • Walk 30 minutes every day to listen to a podcast. 
  • Take a walk with your friends in the park or on a forest walk to have fun.
  • Take your dog for a walk if you have one. which is a small start 
  • Plan on for 10-30 minutes.