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Previous Sterling retraces 5 Chelsea-Man City transfers in the past 20 years

It seems to be getting more clear for Raheem Sterling ‘s move away from Manchester City to join Chelsea. After the latest news that City accepted a £45 million offer. blue lion is complet

If the deal goes well, Sterling will become the sixth player the two clubs have traded since the turn of the 21st century. So today we’d like to take you back five. The previous deals of two giants of English Premier League Has anyone ever trad? Report from the UFABET

1. Sean Wright Phillips

Winged English national team degree is a child of Manchester City and has been born with the team successfully until 2005, Chelsea managed to join the team for a fee of 28 million pounds until three years later, the Blues decided to buy back. Joine the team again for a fee of only 10 million pounds, which was doing quite well before in 2011 finally moved out with QPR.

2. Tal Ben-Haim

The Israeli defender moved from Bolton to Chelsea on a free transfer in 2007 but was unable to secure a key figure in the squad. Making a year later, Manchester City decided to spend 5 million pounds snatched up to join the team. But it still falls on the bench most of the time until it has to pass on. Sunderland borrowed to use Until the summer of 2009 was finally release for free to Portsmouth.

3. Wayne Bridge

England left-back, who move to Chelsea since 2003. But eventually had to be a substitute for Ashley Cole until early 2009. Manchester City agreed to pay up to 11 million pounds to grab the team. Which the opportunity to enter the field is still not continuous until being let by many teams on loan to use, West Ham, Brighton, Sunderland Until finally his contract expire in 2013. And eventually moved to Reading.

4. Daniel Sturridge

The young striker of Manchester City was bought by Chelsea in 2009. For a fee of 6 million pounds. Which is not bad. But with options in the front at that time, the opportunity to enter the field is not continuous. And finally decided to move to Liverpool in early 2013 for a fee of 13 million pounds.

5. Willy Caballero

The Argentine goalkeeper join Manchester City from Malaga in 2014. But was unable to hold a place in the starting XI until 2017. After his contract expired, being sold by Chelsea as the club’s second-hand man. And playing at Stamford Bridge until 2021, where he is currently still in charge of Southampton at the age of 40.