Bayern Munich received a red card penalty and lost to Lazio 0-1.

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Lazio won at home against Bayern Munich, who were left with 10 men, 1-0 in the Champions League last night.

At the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, it is the first match of the Champions League round of 16. With the Blue and White Eagles taking on the Southern Tigers.

The game started after only a minute and the visiting team had a chance to greet Leroy Sane. ทางเข้า UFABET Flowing from the right in front of the penalty area, Joshua Kimmick hit hard and was unfortunately out of bounds.

Bayern missed out on taking the lead when they placed it into the penalty area on the right. Thomas Muller slammed it back inside. Harry Kane shot with emphasis, but he incredibly hit it over the crossbar.

Lazio got their first thrill of the game in the 22nd minute, as Luis Alberto received the ball in front of the penalty area before tapping into the space to shoot with his right shot just over the crossbar.

Bayern Munich had a chance in the 32nd minute when Leroy Sane hit with his left, coming off the back a little, and in the 40th minute Jamal Musiala shot over the crossbar.

The second half played for just over 2 minutes.

Lazio almost took the lead from their diligent pressing until they were able to snatch the ball. Luis Alberto set up a long line for Gustav Isaksen to slip in and receive the ball before touching and shooting save Manuel Neuer

In the 67th minute, there was a problem. Ciro Immobile forced his dribble before the ball spilled to the right. Gustav Isaksen’s shot was blocked and out of the back. But the referee gave the home side a penalty. Because Dayot Upamecano stomped on Esaksen’s shin and gave the French defender a red card.

The visiting team tried to protest but to no avail. Ciro Immobile took on the responsibility of killing without missing a beat, leading the Blue and White Eagles to a 1-0 lead. 

At the end of the game, Lazio defeated Bayern, who had 10 remaining men 1-0. With the second game being played on March 5.