Prohibition of eating vegetable both lose vitamins and reduce nutritional value.

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Vegetable are classified in food group 5, a group of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial and necessary for the body. Most vegetables are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, and more. Depends on the type of vegetables In each meal, we should add vegetables to get essential vitamins for the body.

Therefore, we should eat a variety of vegetables according to the season to help get adequate nutrition and reduce the buildup of chemicals. Due to the consumption of out-of-season vegetables More at risk from exposure to chemicals and less nutritious than seasonal vegetables and did you know? There are some behaviors that cause nutrients that should be wast.

Things you shouldn’t do when eating vegetables

Cut vegetables first, then wash them: Most vegetables are rich in nutrients which dissolve in water. Therefore, when the vegetables are cut and wash, Many nutrients will also be lost. The correct way is to wash vegetables before cutting.

Improper refrigeration: Most fresh vegetables are suitable for refrigeration at 3℃-10℃, but cucumbers cannot be store below 10℃. If refrigerated at around 4℃, the color of cucumbers will turn black. The watermelon flesh will be soft. When cut, you will see clear slime flowing out. This will cause the cucumber to lose its flavor.

Eating raw vegetables is sometimes unsafe: Some vegetables have accumulat toxins so they cannot be eat raw. It is necessary to undergo heat to ripen in order to completely destroy the accumulated toxins, such as green beans, green peas, bean sprouts, สมัคร ufabet, etc. Vegetables that can be eating raw must be vegetables that do not accumulate toxins. There are no contaminants such as radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., but because most vegetables in the market are spray with pesticides. To eat these types of vegetables raw, you should wash them thoroughly according to the method described earlier.

Heat-treated vegetable lose their vitamins: Vegetable contain vitamin C. Which is easy to decompose when heated Therefore, it should not be heat for a long time. Because these vegetable, even if they are heat quickly, will lose their nutritional value. Therefore, the longer they are heat, Vitamin C may be less, such as in boiled celery, etc.

Stir-fry vegetable and leave overnight: When stir-fried vegetable are left for 15 minutes, vitamin C drops by 20%. If left for 1 hour, the vitamin will be lost by 50%. Stir-fried vegetable that are left overnight will lose even more value. Eating them is likely to cause food poisoning. It is best to eat the stir-fry alone. So it will be hygienic and have nutritional value.

Use a lot of oil: Many people think that Stir frying vegetable with little oil will not taste good. Therefore must use a lot of oil. But both vegetable oil and animal oil They all provide 9,000 calories per 1 gram of oil. Excessive amounts cause obesity. or high blood fat, so you should use oil sparingly You can eat 25 grams of oil per person per day, not more than 30 grams.

It is a matter close to the heart that people who eat vegetable must know. In order to receive nutrients, vitamins and various benefits from eating vegetable fully For your next meal, don’t forget to add vegetable to your food for complete nutrition.