COLD BREW TEA: Cold-pressed tea brewing with less caffeine – slows down deterioration.

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Cold Brew Tea is tea that is brew by soaking tea leaves in room temperature or cold water for several hours. Gives a different taste from iced tea that is brew with hot water before being left to cool. It will be mellow, not astringent and bitter, and more intense. By brewing tea this way, you extract the flavor, light aroma and various benefits of tea without extracting caffeine. Tannins and catechins also give off a bitter taste.

First of all, we have to distinguish that cold brew tea is not ice tea. Cold brewing is a method of extracting flavor from tea leaves by soaking them in cold water or room temperature water. Compared to hot brewing, which uses heat to extract the flavor. Cold extraction requires aging time to bring out the flavor of the tea.

Of course, when the water temperature is different Therefore the taste is different as well. Brewing tea with hot water draws out a large amount of the substances in the tea leaves. Make the tea taste bitter. And if you leave it for a while, the substances in the tea leaves will disappear. It also changes the taste of the tea. Cold brewed tea, on the other hand, has a soft, mellow taste, ทางเข้า ufabet. Not bitter because the flavor of the tea leaves is extract slowly. It also preserves the nutritional value of tea leaves for a longer time. and gives a more stable taste as well.

Cold extraction is very easy. All you need is a glass or other container with a tea leaf filter. We can use water at room temperature, which is around 20+ degrees, or you can use cold water 5-15 degrees and refrigerate. Waiting time for the tea leaves to cure Just like this, you can now make cold brewed tea. The curing time depends on the type of tea leaves, such as green tea, white tea, or herbal tea. It takes about 2-6 hours to refrigerate. If it’s longer, it may taste bitter. While oolong tea or flower tea takes a little longer, 6-10 hours, to get a good taste.

Cold brew tea is beneficial to health

  • Doesn’t disturb sleep Because it contains only 1/3 of the caffeine of hot tea.
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes Because there is no need to add sugar. It gives a sweet and gentle taste. This is because the catechin substances which give the bitter taste do not dissolve.
  • Helps slow down cell degeneration because EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) or natural antioxidants are not destroy by heat.

How to make Cold Brew Tea, easy cold brew tea.

Things to prepare

  • Favorite tea leaves such as black tea, oolong tea, or various flower teas, about 4 grams.
  • 250 ml clean water
  • water pitcher
  • tea strainer

Start by bringing room temperature water or you can use cold water at a temperature of 5-15 degrees Celsius. Simply put tea leaves in a pitcher of water, then pour clean water into it, 4 grams of tea leaves per 250 milliliters of clean water, then take the pitcher of water. Soak in a regular refrigerator, leave for 6-12 hours, then use a tea strainer to filter out the tea leaves. Even though it takes longer, the benefits are good and the glass can be refrigerat. And stored for drinking for 3-4 days with the taste remaining the same.